About Liftgate Deliveries

A liftgate is a hydraulic piece of equipment that's installed on the rear of a truck. The purpose of the liftgate is to enable shipment to be lifted from the ground and brought up to the height of the truck's tailgate, or vice versa. This allows heavy or awkward loads to be safely transferred from the ground to the shipping container, as well as the other way around. Below, you can learn more about the importance of a liftgate delivery and read examples of when a liftgate delivery would be a good way to go. 

About liftgate deliveries

The liftgate option is safe and easy to use. The liftgate will be lowered by using the "down" function, which causes the liftgate to lower. The cargo load will then be placed on the surface of the liftgate. Once it has been properly secured, then the "up" function is used to lift it to the necessary height. Once the load is lifted, then it can be moved into the shipping container and secured in place to prepare it for safe transport. 

It's important to understand that when a "liftgate delivery" has been specified in the delivery agreement, then a liftgate must be used, this is not simply a suggestion. It's also a good indication that the party shipping or receiving the shipment doesn't have a forklift or a shipping dock. 

When liftgate deliveries are necessary

Construction job sites - Construction job sites are generally bare-bone sites until the completion of the construction. This means they won't already have a shipping dock and there may not be an available forklift at the time of the truck's arrival. This means any large and/or heavy deliveries coming to that job site would need to be liftgate deliveries. 

Office spaces - If there is going to be a delivery of heavy office equipment, office furniture, or other heavy items being delivered to an office, then a liftgate delivery will likely be needed. Most office spaces do not need shipping docks or forklifts, so liftgate deliveries allow for safe and efficient delivery of these items. 

Private residences - Individuals often purchase large and heavy items that need to be delivered to their homes. These types of deliveries should be made with the use of a liftgate. This allows the items to be lowered to ground level, where a hand truck can then be used to bring the items to the door of the residence. Whether the items can be brought all the way inside for the individuals will be determined by company policy.

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