Dealing With A Hydraulic System Breakdown On Your Equipment

Hydraulic systems are common on heavy equipment, agricultural equipment, and production machinery in many different applications. These systems sometimes fail, and when they do, you may need a hydraulic service to make repairs and get things working again.

Cylinder Failures

Hydraulic cylinders are commonly used to move or lift parts of the equipment they are mounted on. They are stronger than actuators and more flexible than other methods, so they are a good fit, but if the seals on the cylinder start to leak, they can have a hard time holding pressure.

If the hydraulic cylinder's pressure drops too low, the cylinder will no longer be able to hold the weight, and it can start to fail. Often the solution is for a hydraulic service tech to replace the cylinder with a new one, but if you have an older application or the cylinder is not available, they may need to disassemble it and replace the seals for you. 

Hydraulic cylinder repair is not uncommon, but it does need to be done by a professional that knows what they are doing, or parts of the cylinder can be damaged, making it no longer serviceable. If you do not have the right tools, disassembling the cylinder is better left to the hydraulic service, especially if you are dealing with an older machine that may not have new parts available for it.

Hose Failures

The hydraulic hoses that carry the oil from the pump to the cylinders are critical to the system. A small leak in one hose can allow air to enter the system and cause air pockets in the lines that will reduce the pressure in the system. 

It is crucial to inspect the hydraulic hoses and hard lines daily, noting even minor damage to the lines. A burst line or hose can result in hot hydraulic oil spraying out of control, and contract with that oil can cause burns if the machine has been running for a while and the system is up to temperature. 

Once a line or hose fails, the solution is to have a hydraulic service replace it, and then bleed all the air out of the system. It is time-consuming, and cleanup can take some time as well, so replacing damaged hoses before the point of failure is vital.

Hydraulic Pump Problems

The hydraulic pump is the heart of the system, and it needs to be working correctly, or it will not be able to provide the necessary power for the system. Having the hydraulic pump serviced regularly is the best way to avoid a problem with it. The hydraulic service tech can check the pump for problems, and if there is an issue, they can make the repairs before any damage is done to the system, keeping your equipment running correctly.

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