Why Those with Dementia Need Accommodations and Inclusion

While all businesses want to serve their customers to the best of their ability, it's not always clear how to help customers who are struggling with disorders such as dementia. Fortunately, there are steps that you can take as a business to make it easier for those with dementia to shop at your business.

Effects of Dementia

Those who are suffering from dementia are more likely to suffer from confusion and also have memory issues. This can lead to dementia sufferers struggling to maintain independence. However, with the right tools and with help from the community, those with dementia can live fulfilling and active lives. Some can maintain employment when accommodations are made.

While dementia is often associated with the elderly, anyone of any age can suffer from dementia. Regardless of an individual's age, an individual with dementia may struggle to maintain an interactive lifestyle and may also struggle with social isolation. Therefore, it is important that businesses and the general community help.

Becoming Dementia-Friendly

If your business is striving to be dementia-friendly, it must submit an action plan that is reviewed by a dementia-friendly team. These teams consult with those who are struggling with dementia. After your organization has become accredited, it will receive a "working toward dementia-friendly" status. This status is listed on certain community maps that allow customers with dementia to find out which businesses can adequately serve them.

Receiving Accreditation

A dementia-friendly business is one where the property is reviewed to determine if it is suitable for those who have dementia. To be considered dementia-friendly, you will need help from a dementia-friendly business accreditation service.

Employing Those with Dementia

Those who have dementia can continue to be supported by a dementia-friendly business with paid employment. Dementia-friendly organizations also provide volunteer opportunities for those with dementia.

Being Inclusive

Staff members are more willing to work for a company that is dementia-friendly because they feel great being part of a community that is inclusive. The majority of those who are suffering from dementia feel like they are not a part of the community. Becoming a dementia-friendly business can help in this regard.

Sharing Your Values

If your business is considered inclusive to those with dementia, you may benefit from the positive press. One approach is to write a press release after you have become accredited and then send the press release to a local news agency that might report on it. 

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