Why You Should Choose A Stairlift With A Folding Rail

When you choose a stairlift to make getting from floor to floor in your home easier, one design detail that you'll want to evaluate is the rail. Generally, this rail will run along the wall of a staircase, and will extend onto the floor beyond the bottom step. This design ensures that the stairlift seat can stop over the floor, allowing you to get out safely and easily. While some stairlift rails remain in this location, others fold up — either manually or automatically. Here are some reasons why you should choose a stairlift that is equipped with a folding rail.

It Won't Be a Trip Hazard

You may be choosing to equip your home with a stairlift because you're not overly confident on your feet. If so, you always need to be wary about trip hazards that might be underfoot. A stairlift that doesn't have a folding rail could potentially pose a trip risk when you're walking near the base of the stairs. Tripping and falling, of course, could lead to a serious injury. A folding rail moves out of the way so that there's no change of tripping over it.

It Won't Be in the Way of Doors

Depending on the layout of your home, it's possible that there may be a door that swings open near the base of the stairs. Sometimes, there will be minimal clearance between the path of a door and the base of the stairs. If you choose a stairlift that doesn't have a folding rail, it's possible that the door could make contact with the rail — leaving you with a serious issue. You'll appreciate knowing that a folding rail will keep the rail well out of the way of any door in the area.

It Is Easier to Clean Around

Whether you take care of cleaning your home or you have a professional cleaner who visits weekly, you want to avoid making the cleaning work more challenging. When your stairlift is equipped with a folding rail, it will move out of the way to make vacuuming at the base of the stairs easy. Not only does this design allow for you to vacuum the area more thoroughly, but it also prevents you from inadvertently hitting the rail with the vacuum and potentially damaging either device. Speak to a stairlift company to evaluate its products and express your interest in a model that has a folding rail.

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