Do You Assist Your Grandchild With Their Homework After School? 3 Signs That They Need Dyslexia Help

Today, many grandparents are helping out with childcare tasks so that their adult children can work. While being able to spend time with your grandchild is an opportunity to teach them valuable lessons, you might find that homework can sometimes seem harder than it should be. For a child with dyslexia, trying to figure out their reading assignments and understand the instructions for projects can be difficult. 

Children with dyslexia can also struggle with math, even when they understand the concepts due to the language used for certain problems. Dyslexia tutors know how to help children overcome their challenges, and you can watch for these three signs that you need to talk to your grandchild's parents about getting some extra help.

They Are Below the Expected Reading Level

Most children begin to show signs that they need dyslexia help around the time that they begin reading, but it is also common for children to go undiagnosed for several grade levels. Younger children are often assessed by their teachers to determine their reading level. While it is normal for some children to struggle with reading initially, they usually catch up. If your grandchild continues to remain below their expected reading level despite other interventions, then they may need help from a professional tutor.

They Struggle With Processing and Forming Language

Although dyslexia is most known for causing problems with reading, you should also know that your grandchild may show symptoms when they communicate with oral language. Children with dyslexia may sometimes have trouble processing what they just heard. This can sometimes make it seem as though they are not listening, but the issue is more that they are struggling to understand what you or another adult just said. Your grandchild may also take longer to find the right word to use when they are talking. A tutor knows how to rephrase things to help students with dyslexia understand instructions better.

They Dread Doing Their Homework

One of the hardest things about being the grandparent of a child with dyslexia is watching them lose their love of learning. Your grandchild deserves to feel happy about going to school. Although most children do not automatically get thrilled about having homework, they shouldn't dread it to the point that they put it off or even hide their assignments from you. Tutors are trained on how to make homework more enjoyable. They may use techniques such as supplemental games, reward systems, and organizational tools to make it easier for your grandchild to want to do their homework.

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