Are You An Architect? Why You Should Use 3D Architectural Laser Scanning

If you are an architect, you should be using 3D architectural laser scanning. Below is information on what this is, as well as some benefits of using this. You can then decide if this would be right for you and your business. 

3D Architectural Laser Scanning 

The scanner used with 3D architectural laser uses millions of lasers to create an accurate 3D rendering of what you are creating, such as a building, a home, and more. The system uses a camera that has sensors to make measurements on the thickness changes that need to be made or how the laser should be angled. The scanner easily moves around so it can show you many different angles of the rendering. 

As the laser is moving, beams bounce back to the laser scanner. Data points are then recorded, and you can use these data points to make your calculations and get other information you need to make your rendering or drawings. 

3D Architectural Laser Scanning Benefits

There are many benefits of using 3D architectural laser scanning. The main benefit is you can make accurate and fast data collections because even one laser can capture millions of data points so imagine using more than one laser and how many more data points can be captured. 

This type of laser scanner also helps you get your job done much faster. You will not have to worry about making miscalculations when making your drawings so you will get everything right the first time. This is not only beneficial for you but also beneficial for your client. 

3D architectural laser scanning can also help you save money. Because your designs are accurate the first time this will help things go much smoother and reduce the number of times it will take to make changes. You also will not have delays which can result in added costs. 

The 3D laser scanner can be placed on a tripod so you can collect the data you need even from a far distance. This makes it much easier to capture data that is in a dangerous area so you will not have to worry about you or employees getting injured. This also means you will not have to step on artifacts that should not be touched that you may not be aware of, and you can stay off historic areas that should not be walked on. 

Talk to a company that sells 3D architectural laser scanners, such as Deep Design Studio, and they can give you more information about them and how they work. 

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