Career Training Programs You Can Enroll In While Working

In many careers, you will need to undergo additional training to make sure that you can remain competitive. However, pursuing a bachelor's degree may not be necessary and you may be better off signing up for a career training program to receive a certificate.

Industry-Specific Career Training Programs

These programs are designed to help you master skills for a specific profession. When you obtain a specific certificate, you may be able to receive a larger salary and a promotion. You can continue to earn money and build upon your experience while also committing yourself to continuing education.

A career training program is more efficient because you do not have to take general education courses. Instead, the training program will immediately focus on your area of focus.

Therefore, if you are already working in your chosen profession, you can more easily juggle work responsibilities with your educational pursuits. The career training program does not cost as much or take as much time.

Management Certifications

One of the certifications that is in demand is project management. The certificate you will want to pursue will be based on your level of experience as a manager. You will need to take a course that lasts a few dozen hours and pass a multiple-choice exam.

The business analyst certificate is another in-demand certificate to pursue. With this certificate, you will be trained on how to analyze business processes and make them more efficient. There are several types of programs including one that trains you on how to adapt to changing environments.

Marketing and Sales Certifications

Whether you want to learn how to market on social media or want to learn marketing analytics, a marketing certificate can help you once you have completed the required number of hours.

There are many sales certifications you may also be able to obtain that teach specific sales methods. Ask your employer about which sales program would be the most useful for your company.

Skilled Trade Certifications

If you prefer to work with your hands as a welder, carpenter, or HVAC technician, all you need to do is obtain the proper certification through a career training program, in many cases. 

To obtain the certificate, you will also usually need to complete an apprenticeship program. When you are certified, you will usually need to have your license renewed periodically. Regardless of the industry you are in, there is a good chance that you may be able to benefit from a career training program.

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