4 Features To Focus On When Purchasing Army Rank Insignia Pins

The honor given to military personnel is immense because they serve humanity. One way to appreciate their dedication is through army rank insignia pins. When you wear an insignia pin, your role as a leader or veteran becomes clearer. You can buy these pins from many reputable online or brick-and-mortar stores. But before you purchase them, you should ensure that you're getting the best. Here are some features you should focus on.

1. Quality

The materials and construction of the rank pins you purchase affect how well they hold up. A good military ranking insignia pin is made out of metal because it lasts longer. Some metals used to make these pins include American silver, sterling silver, and gold. 

Golden pins may be more expensive but are worth the cost because of their durability and timeless look. In addition, metal pins are easier to maintain and can be passed down to other generations without getting damaged.

2. Size 

Every rank has a different size. You can find pins of all sizes from most sellers. To get your pins delivered on time, make your order a week or two weeks in advance. If you're not sure about the size to buy, take a ruler and measure your current rank pin to see what size it is. The right pin size should fit your uniform and rank insignia. It should also be light enough so it doesn't pull at the fabric or your uniform. 

3. Markings

A good ranking insignia should have clear markings for easy identification. In addition, the letters should be easy to read even after you've worn your uniform for a few years. Unclear markings could make you be overlooked for promotions and leadership positions. 

Clearly marked pins will also enable people to know your rank in the military organization. During morale-building ceremonies such as promotion reviews and retirement celebrations, they help to minimize confusion. 

4. Backing

A pin's backing is what helps you to secure it onto your shirt. The plastic backing is cheap and looks like an authentic army rank badge. Metal backings are more expensive and last much longer than the plastics ones. It's cost-effective to buy metal backings in bulk. 

Purchasing army rank insignia can be easier and more fulfilling if you know the features to focus on. If you can't find the correct pin, ask the insignia pin vendor to help you select one that reflects your ideals and that of your organization.

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