Purchase And Care For A Collection Of Fabric Personal Protection Masks

If you work on the frontlines and are required to wear a personal protection mask each day, you could be wasting money and time by purchasing disposable masks. There is always the possibility that you will forget to replenish your supply, resulting in needing to make a pit stop to purchase a mask or dealing with the inconvenience of a store not having disposable products in stock. A washable personal protection mask can be worn each day and will require little effort on your part to ensure that the fabric is sanitized and ready for wear.

Choose Several Masks That Can Be Rotated

A cloth mask should be laundered regularly, but you will be faced with the task of needing to wait for the fabric to dry, and this could be irritating if you are pressed for time. To ensure that you will always have a clean and dry mask at your disposal, purchase several masks.

The thickness of the fabric, whether or not a face covering contains a filter, and the buckle, elastic band, or ear loop style that a mask contains should be looked over carefully. Purchase a mask that is going to provide you with comfort, as well as security. A face covering that lacks special features could increase your exposure to germs and make each workday more stressful than it needs to be. If you are not mandated to wear a mask that is a specific color, buy some face coverings that showcase your personality or that complement your uniform.

Remove, Launder, And Dry

Before you toss a dirty mask into your washing machine, remove the covering while wearing a pair of gloves. If the mask secures to the back of your head, release the buckle, prior to grasping the back of the mask and pulling the fabric away from your head and face. Use hot water and a heavy duty detergent to launder the mask. Germs will be killed with this type of cleaning process.

Either place the clean mask into your dryer or hang the fabric covering from a rack or a clothesline. Clean, dry masks can be stored inside of a drawer or a bag that seals. Avoid placing a dirty mask with other garments that need to be laundered and always assume that a mask is dirty, even if it is worn for a short stint, so that you do not forego cleaning the fabric and potentially increase your exposure to germs. For more info, contact a mask provider near you today.

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