3 Possible Treatments For Essential Tremors

Do you find that your hand, or possibly also other parts of your body, tremble from time to time? Although there are many possible explanations for this symptom, one distinct possibility is that you have an essential tremor. This could also be called a benign tremor — it does not have a bigger underlying cause, and its actual cause is unknown. This can be a scary diagnosis to get, but rest assured that there are many possible essential tremor treatments to explore, including the following.


Beta-blockers are a class of medications that have long been used to treat tremors. The most common one used for this purpose is caller propranolol, but some doctors also prescribe topiramate. These drugs work by blocking the action of certain neutrotransmitters that tend to be involved with tremors. They can have side effects including low blood pressure, fatigue, and depression. If you experience these side effects when taking beta-blockers, definitely tell your doctor. They will likely take you off the beta-blockers and prescribe a different medication instead.

Anti-seizure Drugs

For more serious cases of tremors, and for patients who don't respond well to beta-blockers, doctors may prescribe anti-seizure drugs, such as those used to control epilepsy. Primidone is a common one. This medication is not safe for people with kidney and liver problems, so your doctor will probably want to administer a blood test to measure your liver and kidney function before prescribing the medication. Patients tend to respond well with few side effects, but possible side effects do include nausea, fatigue, and dizzy feelings.


Benzos are often prescribed for migraines and epilepsy, but they also work well for some patients with essential hand tremors. One intricacy with this medication is that you need to start at a low dose and slowly increase the dose over a period of weeks. Once you find the maximum dose your body can tolerate without too many side effects, you back off a little and stick with that dose. Side effects can include drowsiness and mental dullness.

These are three of the most popular medications to treat tremors, but keep in mind that there are also non-medication treatment options. Many patients benefit from acupuncture, various herbal remedies, and meditation. You can integrate these treatments with the prescriptions that your doctor recommends. Just check with your doctor beforehand to ensure there are no possible interactions you need to worry about. 

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