Know Someone Who Is Struggling With Addiction? Why You Should Suggest A Drug Evaluation

Addiction comes in many forms. The occasional drink could turn into a habit that you just can't shake or pain medication can develop into a co-dependency that won't seem to go away. Although television shows and movies depict the most extreme versions of addiction, the problem may not be as obvious in real life. You might know someone who is battling addiction but they could be totally unaware of just how serious their condition has become. If you have a friend or loved one with substance abuse issues, recommending a drug evaluation could be the first step to freedom.

Drug Evaluations Reveal The Harsh Truth

Some addicts have absolutely no problem living a reasonably normal life. These are the people who can go to work, maintain a family, and show up for social events without leaving any clues about their addiction. Because they are fully functional, they may be able to hide the extent of their problem, even from themselves. Going in for a drug evaluation can be an eye-opening experience that enlightens these types of individuals so they can seek the help they need before it is too late.

The drug evaluation consists of a number of tests. Breathalyzer tests are typically standard, along with a drug test to determine if there are any illegal substances in the blood. When the results come back, the addiction specialist can compile the numbers to show how they stack up against legal limits. This is real evidence that is hard to argue against.

They Can Determine The Best Course Of Action

If your friend finds out that they are abusing a substance, they may decide that it's time for treatment. The addiction specialist can make recommendations based on many different factors. Treatment programs are tailored according to the lifestyle of the patient. If your friend has a busy job and truly can't get away, it might be best for them to attend intensive outpatient therapy. This will allow them to keep going to work while they receive help after hours. If the addiction is more severe, a residential treatment program might be the better choice.

Your love and support could be enough to persuade your friend or family member to seek out the help that they need. Find a drug evaluation program in your area and talk with your loved one today so they can get the assistance they need for a brighter tomorrow.

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